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Madoka Magica Mashup

My Modoka Magica and Abbey Road mashup was created in Illustrator for one of my classes. The assignment was to create a mashup design for a t-shirt. But, the assignment also came with a challenge; limiting you're color pallet to only 3 colors! In my Image I chose a shade of pink-ish red, yellow, and blue. We were allowed to use tint's of any of these colors so I used that to my advantage, creating the more complicated details in each character from Madoka Magica. For the purple, I used the red and overlaid the blue on top.


Madoka Magica is easily one of my favorite anime's. It's disguised as a magical girl anime but if you stick with it a few episodes its tinged with quite a dark twist. Abbey Road on the other hand is a Beatles album who's cover has become very famous. The Beatles was what my parent's listened to a lot while I was growing up and I love their music. 

When I decided on this mashup it was a little hard because Madoka Magica has five main characters. The choice to add the fifth character was an idea I got towards the end of the project that I think paid off in the end. 

MadokaMagica_Copy of poundRosie_Tshirt-m

At the end of the project, I added the Madoka Magica text at the bottom in the font style of the Beatles logo, I think it pulls the artwork together as a t-shirt design. These two photos are example photos of what the image would look like on a shirt, and how big it would be in proportion to the shirt as well. 

rosie michelle pound

Game Art & Design

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