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Amisi is a character I designed in one of my classes in school. She is a princess during the Ancient Egyptian times. As the hero character, she is tasked with going on a journey to free the Egyptian kingdom from the corruption of the got Apophis and his underling Set. 


These first 5 figures were my explorations of different character designs for Amisi. Originally I picked the first design, which you'll see explored in the next image. 

Here, I play with proportions of the first design a chose. I liked the magical girl vibe she gives, since as the princess and hero of the story, she can call upon any god in her favor to borrow their powers. 


In the end this design didn't have enough Egyptian elements in it for me, and with some direction from the teacher I went back and instead chose character number 5 from the first image. 


This is Amisi's final character design in turnaround form. I really was a fan of this pose. There was a lot of trial and error since this was my first turnaround, but I am proud of her! 


And finally, Amisi's final color! I did the line work and base color in Adobe Illustrator and later went in to Photoshop to add the shadowing and the gold texture. I'm really happy with how she turned out! 

rosie michelle pound

Game Art & Design

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