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CodeName: Nefarious

Codename: Nefarious is a project started by my friend and colleague, Christina Sowins with the intent of becoming a 3D movie or series. The story features on three protagonists whom visit a world in their dreams named Tara. Tara is an extension of Genesis' soul and pure will. Those that end up in Tara are actually having an out of body experience. Here, they take on the form known as a Codename. 

This specific project was a commission to create two 3D models with the intent of being 3D printed. She created the turnaround for me and both characters are her original characters. These two characters are the main characters of the series, Isiah and Genesis, but in chibi form. The 3D models were tweaked for printing and printed at a local Portland company, RapidMade.

CodeName: Isiah

Codename_Isiah_Printed Turnaround02-min.

Hope to Light our Path

Codename: Isiah is the lead protagonist of Codename: Nefarious and the twin to Genesis. She is a support codename(blue) and her main weapon is named Icarus, which is a bow. Her ability is known as immersion which envelopes her in a bright light. 

Isiah was the easy one to make! She was completely symmetrical so I could just work on one half and mirror it over. The one part I struggled with was the crisscross mesh on her hair and arms. It made it easy for texturing but ended up barely raising the surface on the final print. 


CodeName: Genesis


Will to Withstand Fate

Codename: Genesis is the twin to Isiah and the center of the world of Tara. Her main weapon is named Creator, which is a staff. Her ability is known as oversight which allows her to see anything happening in the world at any given time. 

Genesis was the harder of the two in some aspects. She isn't entirely symmetrical, her bangs swoop to the side and only one ear has the wings. Her clothes were also a little tricky with all the layers, but I was really satisfied with the final result of the skirt pieces. 


Link to Christina Sowins Codename: Nefarious project and portfolio:

rosie michelle pound

Game Art & Design

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