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Mobile Tree Game

This is a prototype/proof of concept that was made in Construct 2 by a group of friends and I. The premise is that you are a fairy taking care of a tree in a forest. As the tree gets healthier, it grows taller, and if it gets sicker, it will lose height and eventually die. Bugs attack the tree, and you smash them while also watering the different fruits that grow on the tree. Harvesting fruits and feeding them to the friendly tree critter is the fastest way to gain tree levels. 

I worked on all aspects of this game along with my team. We all took part in the idea, design, art, and programming. 

Game Instructions: 

After you press start you must name your tree before you can play. After typing in the name, click off of the keyboard to start. 

To move the fairy you can tap, hold, and drag your finger around the screen. 

The bottom right hand corner shows what you have equip. Press the green circle to equip your watering can. The watering can is used to water the leaves on the tree. 

The green icon is now the watering can icon, if you tap again, it will be the gloves icon. The gloves are what you use to pick the berries. 

To kill the bugs, you must have nothing equipped (it will show the green circle again), and all you have to do is move the fairy over them. 

As you collect berries from the leaves, your amount of food will grow. Feed the berries to the tree critter to grow your tree. 

You will collect coins by doing various actions. In the menu you can purchase accessories. At the moment, they do not all functionally serve a purpose. 

rosie michelle pound

Game Art & Design

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