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Magical Girl Syringe 

This syringe design is part of a piece of concept art created by CherryCheezy. and the design was bought by Rebelmechwolf. I used the concept with permission from the later. This syringe belongs to a magical girl who uses it to transform. These types of magical girls specialize in healing magic. 

Screenshot (21)-min.png
Gradient 2.png
Screenshot (27)-min.png
Screenshot (26)-min.png

I really liked this piece of concept art and I'd been wanting to try out the gradient texturing style. This is a low poly model at 5866 tris with a 64px by 64px gradient texture map. 

Screenshot (23)-min.png
Screenshot (24)-min.png
Screenshot (22)-min.png

Original concept by CherryCheezy

rosie michelle pound

Game Art & Design

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